Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mixed Nuts in Space

Mission Impossible- Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys

A Sloth is Near!

Madrid Metro: Woman Rescued From Track

A woman has a lucky escape after falling on the track at the Marques de Vadilla metro station in the Spanish capital.CCTV has been released showing how an off-duty police officer rescued a woman who fainted and fell onto the rails at a Madrid underground station.

The unnamed 38-year-old policeman heard the impact of the body hitting the rails and immediately sprung into action.

An incoming train managed to stop before reaching the platform because the driver realised there was problem when people waved signalling him to stop.

The woman, aged 52, was immediately attended to by a doctor who was at the station.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The People vs. Winter

Ice-induced pavement pile-up's, out of control vehicles, winter wipeouts and a smattering of death defiers.

Nobody was hurt in the making of this video apart from the people who were hurt

The Ronnie Renner Freeride Tour by GoPro Takes On Glamis

Ronnie Renner delivers a unique look at stop 1 of his GoPro Freeride tour. Shot entirely on a GoPro Hero 3 follow along with Ronnie and riders Steve Haughelstine and Dustin Novak as they rip through the sand paradise of Glamis. Fireworks, bonfires, dune buggies, and plenty of face shots in this one! 

Real Drift Life: The House Of Tuerck! Tuerck'd: Ep. 5

Professional drift driver and all around Hoonigan Ryan Tuerck invites us to spend a typical day with him at his home in New Hampshire. Ryan and his misfit brothers show why living in the middle of nowhere can have its advantages. Bored during the off-season? Build a rally track in your backyard and blow sh*t up. This is the House of Tuerck!

Meat grinding with drill

Wife asked for a new meat grinder with electric motor. I saved some money and made one from hand-powered grinder and drill. The best part is that I was allowed to buy a new drill and leave the old one for meat grinding.

Avant Garde James Taylor at Swearing In 2013

Shetland ponies wear jumpers for VisitScotland launch

Celtic FC - 2013.01.19 It's for you-hoo!

It's for you-hoo! Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, takes time out from his post-match media conference to offer relationship advice to a damsel in distress!

Dramatic moment Prince Harry runs for an ice cream van during Afghanistan interview

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A Citizens United Wedding

A Citizens United Wedding

Occupy Wall Street held an (un-)holy matrimony of a real human being to a non-human corporate "person" to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Citizen's United, granting corporations equal rights as living things

The Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir presided.

Cat Tattoos FTW

Monday, January 21, 2013

Biggest Chicken Egg in the World, Maybe?

This is the biggest chicken egg I have ever seen. Must be near a world record.