Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Husband gets revenge on wife after finding her profile on an online dating

A scorned husband wreaked Valentine's Day revenge on his wife by dumping a tractor-load of horse manure into her beloved convertible after discovering she was was cheating on him.
The furious spouse filmed the incident and placed it on YouTube, after finding his partner's profile on a dating website for people looking for love in rural Britain.
He made the discovery after his wife, who he names as Becky Jones, 37, from Lincolnshire, left her email account open on their computer and revealed she was trying to meet men behind his back.
Her profile on, a website for single farmers, admitted she has been married for five years but that her husband is 'a complete idiot' and 'completely crazy.'
After hitting out at her husband, who she said 'doesn't know I'm on here', she said that she only loved two things - her car and her horse.
So in retaliation the unnamed husband picked up a load of faeces, probably from her horse, opened up the roof of her Peugeot, and dumped it all in there.
'Unfortunately for you, I have the keys to your lovely convertible Peugeot. Let's see how crazy I am,' he says.
Nobody from was available for comment today, prompting accusations that the site has set up the row as a publicity stunt.
The film, which does not make clear when it was filmed, starts with the husband explaining that he was checking his emails before making the heartbreaking discovery that his wife was on a dating website.

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